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Prosecco & Wine on Tap

As well as Draught Beers, we can also supply your event with Sparkling Prosecco and Wines on tap. These are suitable from many events such as Weddings or Corporate Events – indoors or out.

You can benefit from a high speed of dispensing without the hassle of opening numerous bottles.

The Prosecco and Wines are stored in KeyKegs which are available in 20l or 30l versions. They are filled directly from the barrel the same way a conventional bottle is filled!

They are also designed specifically for our Portable Dispensers, so your fresh, crisp beverages can be served at the perfect temperature without the need for any C02.

KeyKegs Sizes Equate to the Following:

20 Litres = 26 Bottles
30 Litres = 40 Bottles

For more information, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

prosecco and wine on tap for hire in Manchester

Our range of wine includes:

prosecco on tap to hire
Glera del Veneto (Prosecco) IGT
12% ABV
Sparkling wine produced using the Charmat method for Prosecco wine, using grapes
harvested from vines in Marca Trevigiana. Particularly fruity, slightly aromatic and
rounded; perfect as an aperitif, for use in cocktails and throughout the entire meal.
20 Litre – £210.00
30 Litre – £290.00
Merlot Rosato del Veneto IGT (Sparkling Rose)
11% ABV
Vinified in white, the Merlot grapes have created a rosé base wine from which a bright
sparkling wine is obtained from autoclaves using the Charmat method. With distinct
floral notes, this lively wine is a perfect match with tasty starters and white meat dishes.
20 Litre – £190.00
30 Litre – £280.00
Pinot Grigio Blush
12% ABV
High-class wine, obtained with a short maceration of the grapes and following soft pressing.
The brief phase of contact with the skins (10-12 hours), gives a pinkish with minor tinges.
The scent is typical, very fruity to spicy traits. The taste is soft, full with an appropriate body.
Excellent as aperitif, excels in cooking fish and pasta dishes such as risotto and soups.
20 Litre – £171.00
30 Litre – £245.00

Sauvignon Bianco Veneto IGT

12% ABV
Superb wine produced in a particularly good vineyard. A beautiful straw yellow colour and a
pleasant hint of green pepper and sage. The taste is sumptuous, full and with a wonderful
aftertaste. Goes well with almost any dish but especially risottos and white meats.
20 Litre – £171.00
30 Litre – £245.00
Pinot Grigio
12% ABV
Sparkling wine produced using the Charmat method for Prosecco wine, using grapes.
Comes from vineyards along the banks of the river Piave. Straw yellow colour with flavours
of citrus and acacia flower. Ideal accompaniment with light meats, fish and cheese.
20 Litre – £171.00
30 Litre – £245.00
11% ABV
Wine of great elegance and quality, excellent as an aperitif. Straw coloured with
greenish notes, pleasantly fruity with hints of tropical fruit, dry and well structured.
20 Litre – £171.00
30 Litre – £245.00