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Disclaimer  – Mobile Bar Hire Manchester

We have a disclaimer which the client must sign before we allow the dispenser to be used. This states that the dispenser is the responsibility of the customer whilst it is being used by the customer and that InnSideOut will be fully reimbursed for any damage/loss/theft of our dispensers. The disclaimer also states that the equipment will not be leased to anybody under the age of 18, and if the alcohol is to be sold, it is the responsibility of the customer to hold the correct license.

Frequently Asked Questions – Mobile Bar Hire Manchester

1) Will I need to use gas?
No. All of our systems use the latest methods of dispensing beverages. An in-built compressor removes the need for expensive bottled gas which can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Bottled gas also needs to be stored correctly and may need to meet extra health and safety laws dependant on the venue.

2) What If I don’t use a keg I have bought from you?
We will buy any unopened keg that is not broached (plastic cap removed and keg connector applied). We will re-imburse you the cost of the keg minus a handling charge of £25. This amount will vary if used in conjunction with any of our special offers. Please contact us if you have any queries.

3) Do you provide a glass hire service?
We can supply you with disposable pint glasses or half-pint glasses in units of 50. Please visit our prices page for more information.

4) When hiring, do I need to set up the equipment?
No matter which package or setup you hire, if all the requirements are in place (dedicated socket, appropriate location etc) we will set everything up for you at any function or event. We will have everything ready to pour your first pint within 5 minutes of setting up, and will test the system to ensure you are receiving the best possible temperature and flow of draught. We will also instruct  you on how to change the keg should it be necessary.

5) If I have a problem upon hiring, can I get support?
In the unlikely event that you have a problem after we have left the premises, please contact us directly via phone. Due to our experience in the industry, the majority of technical problems can be quickly solved this way.

6) Can I supply my own keg and just hire the equipment?
The cost of equipment rental, delivery* and VAT is £89. The price of our kegs are very competitive however, and if there is a speciality beverage you are looking for, please get in contact with us.