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Mobile Bar Services Manchester

We currently service most areas of Greater Manchester with no charge for travel expenses*. We also cater for other areas in Cheshire, Lancashire and the North West. If you should have any queries feel free to contact us and I am sure we can arrange for service in your area.

On our How It Works page we show just how easy it is to enjoy draught beer at your event, and the 3 simple steps to the perfect pint.

Upon booking for your event and selecting a lager, cider or bitter of your choice, our uniformed staff will arrive to set up at a time suitable for you. After a quick 5 minute set up and a further 5 minute wait for the mobile beer cooler to reach its optimum temperature, the system is then ready to pour ice-cold perfect pints. Should further assistance be required, free telephone support is available – but we ensure all set-ups are working to their full potential before leaving the venue.

With our Mobile Bar and Keg Hire services, we can cater for any venue of any size and our portable beer dispensers can be used indoors or out without the need for expensive C02 or messy water cooling. The portable beer coolers are ready to use within 5 minutes of setting up.

For more information or to see if delivery is available in your location, please get in touch